Google Launches AI Platform That Looks Remarkably Like A Raspberry Pi

Google has promised us new hardware products for machine learning at the edge, and now it’s finally out.

The thing you’re going to take away from this is that Google built a Raspberry Pi with machine learning.

Here is the link to the board that looks like a Raspberry Pi. This new hardware was launched ahead of the TensorFlow Dev Summit, revolving around machine learning and ‘AI’ in embedded applications, specifically power- and computationally-limited environments.

You might be asking why Google would build a Raspberry Pi clone.

The Google Edge TPU coprocessor has support for TensorFlow Lite, or ‘machine learning at the edge’.

This USB accelerator will work with the Raspberry Pi – that’s from Google’s product copy, by the way – and will get you started on machine learning inferencing with the Edge TPU designed by Google.

The price for this USB accelerator is $75 USD. We would like to congratulate the Raspberry Pi foundation for creating something so ubiquitous even Google feels the need to ride the coat tails.

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