Before the Electric Car Takes Over, Someone Needs to Reinvent the Battery

A solid-state battery, as the name suggests, replaces this liquid with a solid material such as ceramic, glass or a polymer.

Workers examine equipment used in the development of solid-state battery cells at Solid Power’s pilot-production facility in Louisville, Colorado.

Henrik Fisker and lead scientist Dr. Fabio Albano, front, examine an equipment at the Fisker Solid-State Technology Lab in Los Angeles.

Adoption of electric vehicles is already expected to fuel an exponential increase in lithium-ion batteries, the reigning replacement for the internal combustion engine.

The automaker behind brands including Mercedes-Benz agreed last month on orders for $23 billion of current generation lithium-ion battery cells through 2030.

“For passenger cars, we should see prototypes in the early 2020s,” said Andreas Hintennach, head of battery research at Stuttgart, Germany-based Daimler.

Packing More Punch Solid-state batteries promise to add driving miles for EVs in a smaller, simpler pack Source: ToyotaThe stakes are enormous.

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AI doesn’t need more researchers, it needs more products

Toronto needs to show signs of improvement at transforming its AI investigation into items clients need to purchase – before another person does.

Where are the tales about Canadian organizations commercializing the products of this scholarly work? An excessive number of our new companies are creating AI-based innovations with the point of being gained by one of tech’s goliath organizations or to just anchor another strong research allow.

London is an inside for commercializing AI in budgetary advances and administrations, with organizations, for example, TransferWise, which brings down client costs for online cash exchanges and has made another AI-controlled “Chatbot” that matches up with Facebook.

We ought to wager emphatically that Toronto is the place these organizations will be based.

Some neighborhood AI-driven organizations are as of now making leap forward items.

I trust Toronto’s AI new businesses just have a few years to demonstrate they can effectively market items before speculators begin getting apprehensive and the investment cash goes away.

Kerry Liu is CEO of Rubikloud, a Toronto-based organization applying AI in the retail business.


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