5 strategies for successfully managing multiple projects · Asana

Manage multiple projects successfully, every timeAs a team lead, managing multiple projects at the same time is often a reality of the job.

If you’re managing a team or program, you likely have multiple projects in progress at the same time.

Timing can make all the difference in keeping multiple projects on track and helping your team be their most productive.

Whether you’re struggling to organize and manage work across multiple projects or ensuring your team has a manageable workload, these strategies will help you keep everything on track.

Your project goals should help your team achieve these and, in turn, these team objectives will help your company meet its goals.

: Project start dates aren’t coordinated and, as a result, employees are overbooked, work gets blocked, and projects delayed.

After weeks of planning and getting buy-in on your projects, your team is finally ready to get started.

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