Polar Vortex to Seize Midwest With Coldest Weather in a Generation

In Chicago, where an overnight snow covered the streets and snarled the commute to work, cars spun their tires at downtown intersections and could be seen struggling to move at all on side streets in the neighborhoods.

Forecasters expect Wednesday’s high temperature to be minus 14 in both Chicago and Minneapolis, with wind chills as low as minus 50 in Chicago and minus 60 in Minneapolis.

If the forecast holds, it would be Chicago’s lowest daily high temperature on record.

The low of minus 22 was expected to approach, though not surpass, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Chicago.

“We’re very concerned about the arctic air and the temperatures,” Chief Davis said.

“Obviously, temperatures like this and water don’t mix real well.”

The polar vortex was also leading to emergency preparations and school cancellations in the South, where temperatures were expected to be decidedly less polar but where residents are less accustomed to dealing with the cold.

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