The Merging of Humans and Artificial Intelligence

Getting back to our own world though, prostheses enhanced with artificial intelligence is a reality.

Jason Barnes, a musician who lost his arm in an accident, was fitted with a prosthetic arm that enables individual finger movement through the use of artificial intelligence.

Kernel, and even Facebook are developing artificial intelligence implants and morefor your brain.

Would you want artificial intelligence messing about in your brain? I, again, asked my eclectic group of friends what their thoughts were.

It’s kinda creepy to think of an artificial intelligence being physically inside my head. What if someone figured out how to hack the system? Then, they would have literal control of my mind.

Them, aged 29: I would be 100% against having an artificial intelligence implant in my brain because technology is so easily corrupted by the simplest of methods.

Though everything is either in development or in the early stages of implementation as far as the merging of humans and artificial intelligence goes, progress is definitely being made.

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