How the human eye could destroy quantum mechanics

One popular theory that addresses both of these questions is called quantum mechanics.

This is because, for quantum mechanics to work as a theory, it has to explain everything that happens, including why we don’t usually perceive quantum phenomena.

In another version of the universe, the observer effect is a mere side-effect of reality and quantum mechanics doesn’t have all the answers.

It’s worth keeping in mind that there are numerous alternative theories to quantum mechanics.

That not being able to detect entanglement with the naked human eye doesn’t actually indicate that quantum mechanics is correct.

As evidence continues to pile up for it, quantum mechanics remains the pervasive working theory to explain how our universe works.

So if you start seeing glitches in the matrix: you’re either seeing potential proof that quantum mechanics is wrong or you’re not in base reality – both classic Keanu or DiCaprio scenarios – either way, you should probably seek help.

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