Eightfold uses AI to match job seekers with open positions

Eightfold seeks to meet this need and today added a new product to its job discovery platform – Personalized Career Site – which leverages artificial intelligence to address the so-called talent gap.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Eightfold CEO and cofounder Ashutosh Garg explained that the problem with most job sites is their failure to take into account candidates’ relevant work experience, skills, roles, and educational background.

“Poorly crafted career sites and job descriptions hinder the application process by failing to attract qualified talent and – even worse – dissuading diverse candidates,” Garg said.

Eightfold brings to the table a highly individualized, machine learning-driven job matching engine designed by leading AI researchers.

Job seekers get a list of best-fit available roles at companies, along with a relevancy assessment of their skills.

Eightfold’s application of AI helps its chatbot qualify candidates, collect CVs, and answer questions about skills, job fit, benefits, and culture.

Beyond its use of AI, the startup seeks to stand out from the crowded pack of job site competitors by offering SEO-optimized job pages and a one-click application process and supporting custom content on company profiles – including videos.

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