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If internet connection is phase one of advent of technological loneliness, an AI-human interface capable of understanding our emotions will be phase two and it’s coming soon.

In just a decade we’ve become mobile addicts that barely question if technological addiction or technological loneliness exists.

Loneliness is the new NormalWhether you want to blame it on ruthless capitalism, internet mis-reality, immersion, rugged individualism, or all-out addiction to things like social media, video games and time spent online, loneliness whether you like it or not, is increasing on a global scale in most places in the world.

With the advent of technological loneliness, the very companies that will disrupt healthcare with data are the very companies that profit from our personal technological loneliness to buy more iPhones or buy more goods from Amazon, or spend more time talking with our Google Assistant, or spend more time on Instagram where they make their profits with mobile advertising.

A loneliness pill is likely not the answer, neither are technological solutions to something technology has augmented and made much much worse.

In a world where Tinder and Facebook are designed to be addictive without actually connecting us, one has to wonder at how much worse technological loneliness might get.

Is technological loneliness a symptom that is ubiquitous to our so-called connected smart cities full of people, but is it simply a tolerable decline in real human connection?

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