Google launches AI Hub in alpha and Kubeflow Pipelines, a machine learning workflow

Google Cloud today announced the launch of Kubeflow Pipelines to foster collaboration within businesses and further democratize access to artificial intelligence.

Google Cloud senior director of product management Rajen Sheth said he agrees with estimates that there are only a few thousand machine learning engineers in the world with the ability to take deep learning from concept to production, but there are millions of data scientists and tens of millions of developers.

Kubeflow is an open source project from Google released earlier this year for machine learning with Kubernetes containers.

Kubeflow Pipelines is partly based on and utilizes libraries from TensorFlow Extended, which was used internally at Google to build machine learning components and then allow developers on various internal teams to utilize that work and put it into production.

In time, Google wants AI Hub to become a place for popular models generated by the larger ecosystem.

Like Kubeflow Pipelines, AI Hub also aims to educate workforces to tear down barriers between teams within companies so they can make the work of developers, data scientists, and ML engineers more valuable.

AI literacy is a concept discussed last month at VB Summit with senior executives from Google and Google Cloud, among others.

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