A Global AI Expert Identifies The Skills You Need To Thrive In The Next 15 Years

According to Lee, in the next fifteen years, artificial intelligence will be able to “Technically” replace 40 to 50% of all jobs in the United States.

Lee makes an important caveat: just because AI can replace half of all jobs, doesn’t mean it will.

In our conversation, Lee told me about a personal health crisis that changed the way he thought about how AI and humans will co-exist.

Dr. Lee realized that AI will not undercut our value as long as we double-down on what makes us truly human.

Lee says the skills that make us uniquely human are ones that no machine can replicate.

It’s in the field of medicine where Lee sees a great opportunity for AI and humans to co-exist.

After thirty years of pioneering work in artificial intelligence at Google China, Microsoft, Apple and other companies, Lee says he’s figured out the blueprint for humans to thrive in the coming decade of massive technological disruption: “Let us choose to let machines be machines, and let humans be humans.”

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