Forget deep learning, unsupervised deep learning is the future

Recently, Information Age spoke to Falon Fatemi, founder of Node and she has a radical prediction about the future of AI, unsupervised deep learning is coming, she says.

Unsupervised deep learning: evolution thought of it long ago, now computer science is discovering it too.

In the future, it will be different, “Unsupervised deep learning is absolutely the future. I’m 100% convinced of this,” she says.

Artificial intelligence networks and the future of deep learning.

“Unsupervised models can essentially be trained on the knowledge that exists on the web, that we could never as humans digest and read. There’s more information created in a single day than we could possibly absorb in a lifetime, but a machine can absolutely digest it, learn from it, understand it, and dynamically build knowledge of the world that we can then leverage.” And that’s what unsupervised deep learning means.

The role then becomes more sophisticated, more to do with relationship-building, augmented by the AI. I think about 50% of sales people’s time is spent doing manual, laborious research, but with unsupervised deep learning creating such powerful sales support, they can do the high value activities that drive the business.

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