Google’s Waymo risks repeating Silicon Valley’s most famous blunder

Everyone in Silicon Valley knows the story of Xerox inventing the modern personal computer in the 1970s and then failing to commercialize it effectively.

One of Silicon Valley’s most successful companies, Google’s Alphabet, appears to be repeating Xerox’s mistake with its self-driving car program.

Much like Xerox 40 years earlier, Google has struggled to bring its technology to market.

Today, a number of self-driving startups are aiming to do to Waymo what Apple did to Xerox years ago.

Google founder-now Alphabet CEO-Larry Page, of course, knows all about Xerox’s mistakes and is determined to avoid repeating them.

As Xerox engineers were developing the Star, a tiny startup called Apple was building much less impressive personal computers.

In exchange, Apple got an in-depth look at the technology Xerox had sequestered at PARC. In a now-famous series of meetings, PARC engineers demonstrated the Alto’s advanced capabilities to a group of Apple engineers, who took copious notes.

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