MIT Researchers Want to Teach Robots How to Wash Dishes

Yildirim is a post doc associated with MIT’s Brain and Cognitive Science Department and its Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, or CSAIL. Together with others at MIT, he recently published a research paper describing an artificially intelligent system that can predict how objects will move in certain situations.

Will an object fall when placed on another? Will it slide when placed on a ramp? In some cases, the system can predict these movements as well as humans.

In the fall, during an event with a small group of reporters at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer showed off a similar system built by the company’s AI researchers.

Given an image of several stacked blocks, the system could predict whether the stack would fall or not.

After analyzing enough data, it can learn to recognize objects, infer their physical makeup, and then predict how they will behave.

Even if shown just a few static frames of scene, Yildirim says, the system can estimate the mass of the objects and the frictions and reliably predict what will happen.

“The system is similar to humans, in terms of average performance and the kinds of errors we’re making,” he says.

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