The astonishing effects of the shutdown, in 8 charts

Here are eight charts that illustrate what exactly the costs of the shutdown are.

The current shutdown is only a partial one, as Congress has already funded 75 percent of the federal government until September.

Nine of 15 federal departments are impacted by the shutdown Each federal agency has its own contingency plan in the case of a shutdown, meaning they are all affected in slightly different ways.

Every agency determines which employees are “Essential” and “Nonessential” – “Essential” employees must keep reporting to work even though they won’t receive immediate pay, while “Nonessential” employees are furloughed and told to stay home until the shutdown ends.

That’s more people than the total population of Washington, DC. Many of the workers affected by the partial shutdown live in the DC area, but its effects will be felt well beyond the district: According to an analysis by the Washington Post, there are many other states with large numbers of workers in the Agriculture and Interior departments who are suffering as well.

Aside from its effects on workers and local businesses, the shutdown will also reverberate across the US economy.

According to S&P Global Ratings, the shutdown could shave approximately $1.2 billion off real GDP for each week that the government is partially closed.

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