Catching Unicorns with GLTR

GLTR has access to the GPT-2 117M language model from OpenAI, one of the largest publicly available models.

GLTR represents a visually forensic tool to detect text that was automatically generated from large language models.

Catching a Unicorn with GLTR: A tool to detect automatically generated textBy Hendrik Strobelt and Sebastian Gehrmann — reviewed by Alexander RushA collaboration of MIT-IBM Watson AI lab and HarvardNLPWe introduce GLTR to inspect the visual footprint of automatically generated tex.

A language model is a machine learning model that is trained to predict the next word given an input context.

To prevent this from happening, we need to develop forensic techniques to detect automatically generated text.

The Giant Language Model Test RoomThe aim of GLTR is to take the same models that are used to generated fake text as a tool for detection.

Therefore, despite its limitations, we believe that GLTR can spark the development of similar ideas that work at greater scale.

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