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BigchainDB : Blockchains Meet Big DataHigh-Level DesignWe introduce BigchainDB, which is for database-style decentralized storage: a blockchain database.

BigchainDB combines the key benefits of distributed databases and traditional blockchains, with an emphasis on scale, as Table 1 summarizes.

We built BigchainDB on top of an enterprise-grade distributed database, from which BigchainDB inherits high throughput, high capacity, a full-featured NoSQL query language, efficient querying, and permissioning.

BigchainDB has the traditional blockchain benefits of decentralized control, tamper-resistance, and creation & transfer of assets.

BigchainDB Use CasesMany BigchainDB use cases are like traditional blockchain use cases, except focused on situations where higher throughput, more capacity, lower latency, better querying, or richer permissioning is necessary.

BigchainDB will offer cryptographic Certificates of Authenticity, which can be generated automatically and stored directly on the BigchainDB. There will be out-of-box and customizable versions.

BigchainDB as a Service, using a public BigchainDB instance, or a private BigchainDB with more flexible permissioning.

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