Hour and You’ll Become 100x More Productive

“Pretend your time is worth $1,000/hr. Would you spend five of them doing extra work for free? Would you waste one on being angry?” -Niklas GökeYou have very few hours here on on this earth.

The truth is, most people value their time at far, far less than it’s worth.

“Most people have no clue what they are doing with their time but still complain that they don’t have enough.” -Grant Cardone, NYT best-selling author”Busyness” Isn’t a Badge of Honor; It’s a Sign of Weakness”Being busy is a form of mental laziness.” -Tim FerrissIt takes discipline to not become “Busy.”

This is how you can complete far more with focused efforts than unfocused efforts with far more time.

If you think your time is worth a few bucks an hour, that you’ll begin to act like it.

“People are unhappy in large part because they are confused about what is valuable.” If you don’t treat yourself and your time with respect, you will become unhappy, resentful, and tired.

You Can Do Amazing Things, But Only If You Have Time to Do Them”The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” -Warren BuffetYou probably need to say “No” more.

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Left Unchecked, Artificial Intelligence Can Become Prejudiced All On Its Own

The AI agents didn’t develop a specific disdain for a specific minority group, as some people have.

The AI agents were set up so that they could donate virtual money to other agents, with the goal of getting as much as possible in return.

And when populations of the AI agents had more traits in general, prejudice levels also dropped, simply because there was more built-in diversity.

The AI agents seemed to have learned that a donation to the in-group result would in more reciprocation — and that donating to others would actively lead to a loss for them.

If artificial intelligence were to run the world, it wouldn’t be so bad — it could objectively make decisions on exactly the kinds of things humans tend to screw up.

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