Before the Electric Car Takes Over, Someone Needs to Reinvent the Battery

A solid-state battery, as the name suggests, replaces this liquid with a solid material such as ceramic, glass or a polymer.

Workers examine equipment used in the development of solid-state battery cells at Solid Power’s pilot-production facility in Louisville, Colorado.

Henrik Fisker and lead scientist Dr. Fabio Albano, front, examine an equipment at the Fisker Solid-State Technology Lab in Los Angeles.

Adoption of electric vehicles is already expected to fuel an exponential increase in lithium-ion batteries, the reigning replacement for the internal combustion engine.

The automaker behind brands including Mercedes-Benz agreed last month on orders for $23 billion of current generation lithium-ion battery cells through 2030.

“For passenger cars, we should see prototypes in the early 2020s,” said Andreas Hintennach, head of battery research at Stuttgart, Germany-based Daimler.

Packing More Punch Solid-state batteries promise to add driving miles for EVs in a smaller, simpler pack Source: ToyotaThe stakes are enormous.

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