‘Anyone relying on lidar is doomed,’ Elon Musk says – TechCrunch

“LIDAR is a fool’s errand,” Elon Musk said.

“Anyone relying on LIDAR is doomed. Doomed! [They are] expensive sensors that are unnecessary. It’s like having a whole bunch of expensive appendices. Like, one appendix is bad, well now you have a whole bunch of them, it’s ridiculous, you’ll see.”

Not LIDAR like some of Tesla’s chief competitors.

Elon Musk previously explained that he views LIDAR as a crutch for self-driving vehicles.

For Tesla, cameras are the keys to the future and its CEO sees a future when cameras will enable Tesla to see through the most adverse weather situations.

The company today detailed its current generation self-driving computer that works with all existing Tesla vehicles.

Once the software is ready, it will enable all Teslas to drive autonomously with their existing sensor set – at least that’s what the company says – and that sensor set doesn’t include LIDAR..

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