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What is the purpose of a having a project manager in a company?
From construction to finance, project managers are needed in countless types of companies. A project manager is responsible for keeping projects organized in the company. A project manager is also responsible for delegating roles and tasks to other members on a project along with watching over a project to ensure it progresses smoothly.

What personality traits and skills are needed to be a successful project manager?
In order to be a project manager, a critical skill to have is that of organization. A project manager must have various organizational strategies that can be used for numerous projects. If you are considering becoming a project manager, you should have a knack for organization and planning as these are important skills to have for a project management career.
Communication is also a crucial skill to have as a project manager. Since project managers are responsible for providing details of a project to other team members, being a good communicator is a key trait for a project manager.
Other personality traits and skills a project manager should have include:

– Time and task management
– Leadership
– Ability to interact with others comfortably
– Having the ability to perform all roles associated with the project in order to take over if needed to ensure project continuity
– Being able to work under pressure
– Being able to manage at least several individuals participating in a project

What are examples of a project manager’s duties?
In simple terms, a project manager is in charge of a project’s success. Basic responsibilities for a project manager include:

– Planning projects and executing them
– Managing teams and removing any difficulties the teams face
– Assisting with gathering resources for the project
– Ensuring that all delegated assignments and projects are being completed and progressing well
– Creating a reasonable budget for each project

Depending on which type of project manager you decide to be, tasks can vary for each project manager. For example, an IT project manager may be responsible for providing technical assistance to clients or consulting with them on other product-related matters.


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