AIA CONSULTANCY Blockchain News Magazine

A protocol for permitting smart, social foreign money for publishers and content companies across the internet Introduction

AIWEB provides a scalable blockchain protocol

For publicly accessible and immutable content material, along side a quick and charge-much less virtual token.

Which permits people to earn the Ethereum via the use of their mind.

Compared to different blockchains,

AIWEB could be the second publicly handy database for immutably saved content inside the form of undeniable text, along side an in-built incentivization mechanism.

In the sphere of crypto-currencies, the precise residences of AIWEB make it both “Smart” and “Social“in comparison to others, including bitcoin and ether.

There is a pool of tokens devoted to incentivizing content creation and curation.

There is a  vote casting system that leverages the awareness of the crowd to evaluate the price of content and distribute tokens to it.

This positions AIWEB as a device for constructing continuously developing communities, which inspire their individuals to add price to the network through the constructed in rewards shape.

In addition to those improvements in blockchain and token generation, AIWEB as a gadget presents additional superior functions to beautify the user experience, inclusive of Stolen Account Recovery , escrow services, person promoted content, a popularity device, and financial savings money owed.