Artificial intelligence poses bigger risk to humanity than terrorism or climate change, expert warns

The rise of the machines poses a greater risk to the future of our species than terrorism or climate change.

That’s the warning from Professor Jim Al-Khalili, incoming president of the British Science Association, who fears the public will turn against artificial intelligence.

AdvertisementAdvertisementWhile AI was often seen as science fiction, it was already becoming part of daily life, Prof Al-Khalili said.

‘AI is going to transform our lives in the coming decades even more than the internet has over the last few decades,’ said Prof Al-Khalili.

Previewing his presidential address at this year’s British Science Festival in Hull, which begins next week, Prof Al-Khalili spoke of the dream and dangers of AI.

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How AI, Machine Learning And Other Disruptive Trends Are Defining The Future Of Customer Service

This approach eliminates the need for human customer service reps to deal with common customer service issues such as refunds, finding lost items and changing passwords.

At this point, it might be easier for a customer to switch providers after one poor customer service experience.

Once these tasks are handled through artificial intelligence, customer service agents can focus their time to more specialized and challenging tasks.

Mikhail Naumov: Customers have very high expectations when interacting with a brand, and this is especially true for customer service.

In addition, we have partnered with customer service software leaders like Salesforce Service Cloud and Zendesk.

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Five Experts Share What Scares Them the Most About AI

On how to develop safe AI:All technology can be used for bad, and I think AI is just another example of that.

More on developing safe AI: Should Evil AI Research Be Published?

I don’t think there is a bad technology, but there will be bad people.

Certainly, my conviction is that AI is not a weapon; AI is a tool.

Kenneth Stanley, Professor at University of Central Florida, Senior Engineering Manager and Staff Scientist at Uber AI LabsI think that the most obvious concern is when AI is used to hurt people.

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