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The problem is, users and businesses alike are reluctant to use blockchain technology in WordPress due to the shakiness of the market.

Let’s talk about what we do know about blockchain and WordPress and see if there’s something of value here that you can use.

These blocks don’t just store financial data, though that was the original purpose of the blockchain and seems to be the most commonly known use of blockchain technology.

Cloud storage is definitely one type of blockchain technology that WordPress developers should pay attention to.

If you can demonstrate that blockchain technology was already beneficial in WordPress once, you will have an easier time convincing your clients to adopt other forms of it in the future.

Wrapping Up. Blockchain technology might currently seem like a novelty and, to many WordPress developers, like a temporary gimmick you can use to lure in tech-savvy end users.

You never know where blockchain technology will take us next in WordPress, so it’s always good to get a head start.

This change of perspective is what got me interested in Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Think of blockchain as the way that you develop a program that incentivizes those who share its goals to run it and profit from it.

Blockchain is an algorithmic approach to optimizing the mutual benefit of technology.

Bitcoin proves – while attaining a multi-billion dollar market capitalization – that blockchain technology could assemble an encrypted, peer 2 peer computer network that is powerful and useful.

One way we’ve already seen blockchain technology used in WordPress is as a payment gateway for eCommerce plugins.

Let’s look at three other ways blockchain technology could apply to WordPress.

There are several new blockchains being developed to encrypt personal information in the blockchain and then let users selectively share that data.


WP Blockchain opens a whole new gateway to stamp pretty much everything into blockchain, directly from your WordPress website!

A blockchain is a permanent and decentralized database system with no central authority. It allows to stamp content without ever unrevealing it. A stamp certifies the existence of the content at a precise moment, which helps its author to prove he/she was the first to know the content, and consequently, that he/she owns authorship rights over such content.

Protect your authorship forever, with WP Blockchain!


  • Stamp in the Bitcoin blockchain (BTC)
  • Stamp users, posts, pages and custom post types
  • Automatically append stamps on frontend (except user stamps)
  • Publicly show or hide intermediary stamping states
  • Confirm all transactions through independent block explorers
  • Public or private stamp certificates
  • Certificate header customization
  • Visual hash trees
  • Full backend integration (adminbar, listings and edition pages)
  • Translated in English and Spanich (translatable through .po files)
  • Can be used on several website

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