Meena is Google’s attempt at making true conversational AI

Talk to any of the best-known AI assistants today – Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant – and they’re not exactly conversational.

To share progress towards deep learning designed to carry a conversation, Google today introduced Meena, a neural network with 2.6 billion parameters.

Meena can handle multiturn dialogue, and Google claims it’s better than other AI agents built for conversation and available online today.

Google today also released Sensibleness and Specificity Average, a metric created by Google researchers to measure the ability of a conversational agent to maintain responses in conversation that make sense and are specific.

The SSA standard Google proposes is different than the metric other AI assistants have set for assessing a truly conversational AI. Now in its third year, the Alexa Prize is a challenge for teams of student developers to create AI that can hold a conversation for up to 20 minutes.

Conversations is a feature that packages voice app recommendations in conversational multiturn dialogue.

AI assistants that can maintain a conversation may be able to secure closer bonds with humans and do things like provide emotional support to people, or cure the loneliness epidemic, as former Alexa Prize head and current Google Research director Ashwin Ram put it in 2017.

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