ProBeat: Why Google is really calling for AI regulation

On Sunday, the Financial Times published an op-ed penned by Sundar Pichai titled “Why Google thinks we need to regulate AI.” Whether he wrote it himself or merely signed off on it, Pichai clearly wants the world to know that as the CEO of Alphabet and Google, he believes AI is too important not to be regulated.

Yes, Google wants “AI regulation.” But it’s not for the same reasons you or I might.

It’s telling that the only example Pichai offers in his op-ed is that Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation “Can serve as a strong foundation.” Remember, while privacy advocates don’t scoff at what GDPR has achieved, many also point out that it has been a boon for Google and Facebook.

That’s exactly where I suspect Google’s lobbying dollars will go next – ensuring any upcoming “AI regulation” helps Google more than anything else.

What if Google spent its lobbying money educating the U.S. government about the pros and cons of AI instead? I doubt the Financial Times op-ed cost much, all things considered.

If Google did the work, it wouldn’t need to try to convince the public with the power of the pen.

Plus, journalists would spend their Fridays writing about Google’s efforts to outline what “AI regulation” might look like rather than critiquing an op-ed.

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