AI creativity will bloom in 2020, all thanks to true web machine learning

An end-to-end open source machine learning library that is capable of, among other features, running pre-trained AI directly in a web browser.

Js brings TensorFlow’s server-side AI solution directly into the web, if I were to build this project today, I could run a pre-trained model that lets the AI recognize the given logo in the user’s phone browser.

Projects show how developers can get much more inventive when machine learning becomes a properly integrated part of the web.

Thanks to true web AI, this propensity to see mobiles as assistants will become fully entrenched once websites – especially mobile websites – start performing instantaneous machine learning.

Hypothetically speaking, we could also use true web AI to develop websites that adapt to people’s ways of using them.

Js with the Web Storage API, a website could gradually personalize its color palette to appeal more to each user’s preferences.

Now that we finally have the gift of true web machine learning, 2020 could well be the year that developers unleash their AI creativity.

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