Google AI chief Jeff Dean interview: Machine learning trends in 2020

For Google AI chief Jeff Dean, that means giving talks at workshops about how machine learning can help confront the threat posed by climate change and how machine learning is reshaping systems and semiconductors.

VentureBeat spoke with Dean Thursday about Google’s early work on the use of ML to create semiconductors for machine learning, the impact of Google’s BERT on conversational AI, and machine learning trends to watch in 2020.

Jeff Dean: That’s obviously a very broad space, and there’s a lot of potential for using machine learning to help tackle climate change-related topics or mitigate some of the effects.

VentureBeat: You also got a little into the use of machine learning for the creation of machine learning hardware.

I think things like multitask learning and transfer learning are actually pretty effective algorithmic tools that we have that can improve energy usage, because you can train one model and then fine-tune it, or do multitask learning on a relatively small number of examples for a new task that you want to be good at.

Dean: In terms of AI or ML, we’ve done a pretty reasonable job of getting a process in place by which we look at how we’re using machine learning in different product applications and areas consistent with the AI principles.

VentureBeat: What are some of the trends you expect to emerge, or milestones you think may be surpassed in 2020 in AI? Dean: I think we’ll see much more multitask learning and multimodal learning, of sort of larger scales than has been previously tackled.

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