The Problem with Microsoft’s OpenAI Investment? Simple

There is nothing resembling a consensus in the AI research community regarding how or when AGI will be achieved.

Getting a billion-dollar commitment from Microsoft surely was not easy, but creating a decentralized AI, data and processing ecosystem is most likely a dramatically more difficult task.

Cutting-edge AI R&D now requires large amounts of computing power, and leveraging all this compute power requires expert support staff beyond just an AI research team.

Some leading AI researchers are skeptical that current deep learning technology is the right direction to follow to achieve AGI.

OpenAI, like Google Deep Mind and Facebook AI Research Lab — all of which are doing AGI-oriented research together with their immediately practical AI technology development — stands firmly in the deep learning camp.

But OpenAI’s basic AI technology orientation is about the same as Google Deep Mind, Google Brain, Facebook AI Research, Tencent, Alibaba or Baidu.

Those of us in the small but rapidly growing decentralized AI space are actively pushing back against the increasing centralization of resources that the Microsoft-ization of OpenAI exemplifies.

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