Deep Learning Algorithms in eCommerce

What is deep learning?Deep learning is a branch of machine learning which has been developed to help us discover and trace user behaviour online at a more complex level than ordinary machine learning.

Other names for deep learning include deep structured learning, hierarchical learning or deep machine learning.

Deep learning is based on a set of algorithms that try to mimic high level abstractions in data.

How does deep learning work?Although deep learning is a highly complicated and technical process, it can be summed up with a comparison to the human brain.

“Deep learning algorithms transform their inputs through more layers than shallow learning algorithms. At each layer, the signal is transformed by a processing unit, like an artificial neuron, whose parameters are ‘learned’ through training. A chain of transformations from input to output is a credit assignment path. CAPs describe potentially causal connections between input and output and may vary in length.”

This data has allowed deep learning algorithms to trace the buyer journey and by doing that we now have a fairly clear picture of what kind of product information buyers search for when they are making purchase decisions for different things.

Fortunately for Mary the site uses deep learning algorithms.

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