How AI Will Enhance Human Capabilities

Whether you lean more toward marketing or sales, revenue roles are beginning to closely resemble a hybrid mix between data scientist and creative.

First, we cannot ingest large data sets and are completely dependent on accurate visualizations of data.

This is where AI can be leveraged to enhance human behavior.

AI allows us to take our attention off of data interpretation and focus on what we do best: create.

Our product roadmap is driven by the belief that AI will never be able to truly coach and train sales, success and support reps, but it can empower managers to coach their reps better.

AI can undoubtedly show an individual where they need to focus to improve, but it takes more than data to drive behavior change.

For marketers, AI will be leveraged to create optimal lead nurturing campaigns in marketing automation platforms like Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot and Mautic.

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