Google and Microsoft Warn That AI May Do Dumb Things

Google CEO Sundar Pichai brought good tidings to investors on parent company Alphabet’s earnings call last week.

One thing Pichai didn’t mention: Alphabet is now cautioning investors that the same AI technology could create ethical and legal troubles for the company’s business.

Companies must use the risk factors portion of their annual filings to disclose foreseeable troubles to investors.

The company began testing self-driving cars on public roads in 2009, and has been publishing research on ethical questions raised by AI for several years.

Employee protests at Google forced the company out of a Pentagon contract applying AI to drone surveillance footage, and it has censored its own Photos service from searching for apes in user snaps after an incident in which black people were mistaken for gorillas.

Differences among companies, or unusual items-like ethical challenges raised by artificial intelligence-can be more informative.

In IBM’s most recent annual report, for 2017, the company claims that it “Leads the burgeoning market for artificial intelligence infused software solutions” while also being a pioneer of “Data responsibility, ethics and transparency.” But the filing was silent on risks attendant with AI or machine learning.

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