Starting Your Day on the Internet Is Damaging Your Brain

I’ve said before the first 3 hours of your day can dictate how your life turns out.

You can either start you day with junk food for the brain or you can start the day with healthy food for the brain.

Anytime I start my day with junk food for the brain, the quality of the day goes down.

As Mark Manson so brilliantly said, cell phones are the new cigarettes, And a significant amount of what’s on the internet is nothing more than junk food for the brain.

The idea for this article was actually the result of giving my brain some health food to start the day.

So how exactly do you start the day with health food for your brain? To wean ourselves off of junk food for the brain, we have to actually replace it with something else.

You can accomplish extraordinary things in just one focused hour a day of uninterrupted creation time.

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