Undiscovered Bach? No, a Computer Wrote It

Dr. Burman-Hall said that EMI did its best renditions of composers like Bach or Mozart, whose style is ”more Apollonian, restrained, logical and equation-like.

” The program is not so successful, she said, with less predictable composers like Beethoven or Bach’s son Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

As a test of EMI’s abilities, Dr. Cope likes to play its compositions to people who do not know they are hearing music written by a computer.

In 1988 EMI produced its first decent Bach invention.

”There is a big jump between what Cope calls signatures and what I call style, ” said Jonathan Berger, a composer and researcher at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford.

Dr. Dennett said EMI’s Bach reminded him of the pseudo-French spoken in Garrison Keillor’s parody about the restaurant called Cafe Boeuf.

Ultimately EMI’s success relies on humans – not just the composers who wrote the music it imitates but also the programmer-composer who wrote the ingenious computer code.

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