Psychedelic drugs and the future of mental health care

Psychedelic drugs like LSD seeped into American society in the 1960s, and the results were mixed at best.

In 1965, the federal government banned the manufacture and sale of all psychedelic drugs, and shortly thereafter, the companies making these drugs for research ceased production.

But it also produced a decades-long backlash against psychedelic drugs that, until recently, made it almost impossible to conduct clinical research.

Though psychedelic drugs remain illegal, guided ceremonies, or sessions, are happening across the country, especially in major cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Many researchers believe these drugs, when used under the supervision of trained professionals, could revolutionize mental health care.

At the moment, there’s a gap between the harm reduction movement and the psychedelic research community.

Despite all these concerns, we should welcome the evolution of psychedelic research.

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