How Samuel L. Jackson Became Hollywood’s Most Bankable Star

In September, Box Office Mojo did its own calculation, naming Jackson Hollywood’s most bankable star.

When Trump responded that he and Jackson had never teed off together, Jackson posted the receipt from their game.

Jackson had watched over a number of years as members of his circle of actor friends – first Morgan Freeman, then Denzel Washington, then Snipes, then Laurence Fishburne – would jet off to Hollywood to make names for themselves.

“That day I’m out at some audition,” Jackson recalls, “And I called my agent, and said, ‘Did Hollywood call?’ And she’s like, ‘As a matter of fact, they kind of did.'” Lee has never apologized to Jackson for leaving his breakout star back in the U.S. “Not only that,” Jackson says, “When he came back, he didn’t actually give me my goddamn award for, like, eight months!”.

Jackson and Bruce Willis didn’t have many scenes together, but the two actors forged a friendship that carried over to the set of Die Hard With a Vengeance, in which Jackson played the sidekick role of Zeus Carver.

For years following Unbreakable’s release, they’d sporadically run into each other – typically driving past each other on a studio lot – and Jackson would shout out, “Yo! When we making that sequel, motherfucker?” It took 18 years – and the surprise success of 2017’s Split, which was itself a sort of stealth sequel to Unbreakable – for Jackson to get the answer he wanted.

That, serendipitously, is how Jackson ended up landing the linchpin role that ties together the most profitable superhero franchise in Hollywood history.

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