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Reviews which suggest that the film is about an underlying theme of people turning a blind eye to racism or suicide both popped up in my feed on Facebook and I couldn’t help but chuckle a snarky snort of cynicism.

After seeing “Bird Box”, I felt that these theories about the film were a stretch.

At the beginning of the film, Malorie is trying to come to terms with the fact that she’s pregnant.

Then there are, THE DEMONS. The only time in this film that the demons are almost explained comes from Charlie, who attempts to throw some logic into the film.


Hold on, I’m getting to that. When the veil is lifted, the “inner” world and the “outer” world become one. In actuality, they are already one, but most people don’t understand this esoteric way of seeing the world and so they believe they are “inside” their body (caught in the ego’s world). When Lucifer was cast down to Earth from Heaven, he was entrapped in the gross material plane and forced to take on form. When the veil that separates the “inner” world and the “outer” world is lifted, all of our misdeeds (our demons which we have not faced) are released into the “outer” world (manifested). So, people spend most of their lives lying to themselves, convincing themselves that “everything is OK” because it’s easier to live in the darkness than it is to face the light. After all, ignorance is bliss. Psychologically speaking, our repressed thoughts and memories go to the subconscious (the “id”), and don’t actually disappear. “Out of sight, out of mind” is the way most people get through their lives… that is, until the day of Judgment. We are faced with what we already know but have pretended to forget (our demons).

Malorie’s karma is cleansed throughout the film.

The children have an advantage to the blind people in that they can see; the blind people have an advantage in that they are not taken in by the visual ambiguity of the film’s antagonists.

The esoteric/exoteric metaphor in which something highly priced is packaged inside something much more affordable to the general public is obviously a winning formula which has people discussing the deeper meanings of the film, though in mass confusion and excitement.

Hidden Mystery
By Fred Burks

In the deepest depths of you and me
In the deepest depths of we
Lies the most beautiful jewel
Shining forth eternally

Within that precious jewel
Within that priceless piece of we
Lies a time beyond all time
Lies a place beyond all space

Within that sacred source of radiance
Lies a love beyond all love
Ever so patiently

Waiting for you, waiting for me
Waiting patiently for all to see
The beauty that is you inside of me
The beauty that is me inside of thee

In the deepest depths of you and me
In the deepest depths of we
Lies the love and wisdom
Of all Eternity

I really thought the movie was silly at first, then I thought about it a bit…hugh… deeper than i first thought.

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