“Alexa, play some music” isn’t the only time Amazon is listening to you.

Just how much does Amazon really listen to inside your home? How much you really know about how voice technology works when you unboxed your Alexa-enabled device?

The transaction happens so quickly that you assume Amazon would have no reason to keep the recording of your voice any longer than a few seconds.

To put it in even simpler terms, if you own an Amazon Alexa-enabled device, Jeff Bezos could be the least creepy person listening to you right now.

That’s the quantum leap voice technology promises: For the first time in human history, machines can truly interact with us.

Most people use Alexa-enabled devices to tell give them weather reports or to play on-demand music.

Their argument for listening is simple: As consumers get better at interacting with voice technology, the technology will learn and improve.

Customers can review voice recordings associated with their account and delete those voice recordings one by one or all at once in the Alexa app or at https://www.

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