Nature Machine Intelligence

As artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning are high on the agenda everywhere, Nature Machine Intelligence launches to stimulate collaborations between different disciplines.

More pervasively, the pursuit of machines that mimic some of our intelligence and carry out useful tasks has played a key role in shaping the technology that underpins societal transformations, from the industrial revolution to the digital age.

The development of intelligent machines seems to be gathering pace, as we regularly hear about an artificial intelligence revolution.

Nature Machine Intelligence will endeavour to bring different fields together, forging new collaborations in AI, robotics, cognitive science and machine learning, to further develop visions of intelligent machines that can be of inspiration and use for humanity.

There are roughly three main themes that we will initially focus on: the engineering and study of algorithms and hardware to build intelligent machines; applications of machine intelligence to specific areas and topics in other domains; and lastly the study of the impact of machine intelligence in society, industry and science.

This first issue of Nature Machine Intelligence features pieces in each of these categories.

The pursuit of intelligent machines will continue to inspire in many ways, providing us with insights into human intelligence as well as stimulating technological and scientific innovation that could lead to future societal transformations.

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