When bots take over the workplace

The progression is: use bots to assist, then assign them tasks and eventually leave it all for bots to do,” predicts Nitin Chugh, country head, digital banking, HDFC Bank.There can be much fiery debate over bots snatching away humans’ jobs.

“We are elevating these ‘systems that do’ bots with ‘think and learn’ bots to drive intelligent automation,” says Sumithra Gomatam, president, digital operations, Cognizant At lingerie brand Clovia, customer interactions are handled by bots.

Chief executive Ashish Gupta says it couldn’t have started without bots!At Ping An Good Doctor, bots enable 700,000 consultancies, with 1,000 bots working alongside human agents.

They are bots It’s the Year of the Bots.

By 2022, one-third of all customer services will be done by bots,” feels Arup Roy, vice-president, research at Gartner , a tech advisory firm.

At HDFC Bank , job applications from humans are screened by bots and the first videoconferenced interview is also with one.Wherever there is a highly templatised, predictable, non-cognitive assignment, bots are taking over.

Use of bots is mankind’s statement to move to higher order jobs,” she says.For technology apologists, bots crumble if there are multiple intents and can only be designed, created, developed and even maintained by humans.

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