How to Use Google Alerts to Make Money in the Stock Market

Every public company has to file with the SEC. The issue is that the SEC is an ugly website, difficult to search and not the easiest to use.

I’m sure you’ve used the main SEC search, but did you know that there was an advanced SEC searching method where you can enter complex queries?

If you want to use the advanced search, you now have to know which filings to search for, how to specify the periods and make sure that the results are useful instead of causing more work to filter the results.

By using Google Alerts, I get daily emails of everything related to my search terms.

Choose whether you want to search everything on the web or limit it to news, blogs, videos, or discussions.

Since Google is a search engine, it isn’t going to pick up every single detail.

You can use all of the search operators to make your alerts even more complete.

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