Google billionaire Eric Schmidt: People want dish-washing robots

There is nothing that people want robots to be able to do more than to wash the dishes, according to Alphabet Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt.

In the immediate future, it’s more likely artificial intelligence will help your doctor make better decisions, says Schmidt.

“Think about what doctors do: A lot of doctors are using intuition and their eyes, literally examining what they see, reasoning, looking at patterns and so forth. Those abilities that humans have are very well augmented.”

A bit further into the future, Schmidt imagines a world in which robots are helping scientists solve problems.

It’s “Much more likely” that computers will be “Savants” than they will be dishwashers, says Schmidt.

The Alphabet boss says that robots and artificial intelligence will change jobs, not replace them.

“I think it’s pretty evident that the technologies that I’m talking about, at least for the foreseeable future, replace tasks, not jobs. And so it’s not obvious that there are fewer jobs. There are in fact, many more jobs. And while we can identify a job that’s lost, we can also identify a much larger number, in my view, of jobs that are created because of greater efficiency, greater interconnection and so forth and so on. I’m a jobs optimist in that regard.”

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