23 Million Reasons to Help Advance the Future of Blockchain

In case you don’t know what Blockchain as a Service is, BaaS is when an entity sets up all the “Blockchain tech” for you.

How big will blockchain get? How many companies will plan to incorporate blockchain technology? Is blockchain the foundational technology for the next generation of the internet or is it simply a passing fad?

Once we have understood the scope for how large blockchain technology is set to be, and once we have understood how many industries blockchain will disrupt, the need for BaaS becomes clear.

Blockchain Is a Big Deal You’ve likely noticed all the buzz around Bitcoin and Blockchain recently.

Allowing someone else to take care of the dirty backend of blockchain for you allows you or your business to benefit from blockchain technology without really having to deal with blockchain technology.

According to Etherescan, there are well over 23 million unique addresses on just the Ethereum blockchain right now.

We are using Proof of Stake mechanics to allow for decentralized BaaS. Instead of having one entity set up all the blockchain infrastructure for you, MIMIR creates a system where the 26,000 nodes can work together to share blockchain access to the growing 23 million people who want access to blockchain.

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