ARK BridgeChain— Azure Guide –

End result:- Ubuntu VM in Azure- Azure PublicIP and Firewall configurations pre-built- Your own BridgeChain node and ARK Explorer running in < 20 minutes- Re-usable and customizable deployment scriptScript available at : ARK Azure on GitHub1.

ARK BridgeChain— Azure Guide Your own customizable BridgeChain and Explorer in < 20 minutesThis deployment method can be used to jump-start your journey to your own BridgeChain in the process outlined here (ARK Deployer)Pre-Requisites: Active Microsoft Azure account (Trial is OK) and basic knowledge on how to connect via SSH (E.G.

Resource Group — ‘Create New’ only option that will work unless you wish to edit the template yourself.

This is a very low-cost resource VM for tutorial purposes (can be scaled-up after deployment if desired or via template adjustment).

Virtual Machine Quick DeploymentNavigate to: https://github.Com/ArkEcosystem/ark-azureClick on the big blue “Deploy to Azure” button to be taken to Portal.Azure.Com.

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